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Rassouli, world renowned “Fusionartist,” and author of “The Book of Creativity – Mastering your Creative Power”   is offering several delightful Creativity Workshops, designed to allow people to bring creativity to everyday life, even if they think they have never done anything creative.


Creativity workshops offer the unique opportunity to gather for three hours to practice ways to develop your creative power, and share the energy of creating as a group. These unique events will combine instructor-led discussions about the creative process, and how to open up to your inner creator. Workshops will include imaginative exercises to assist you in opening up to the creative flow. During these three-hour long workshops, you will do fun exercises and learn from a renowned artist, author and architect. Participation in group discussions of the creative process augments individual guidance from the master.


A note from Rassouli


”My interest in Australia began over forty years ago when I saw a picture of the Sydney Opera House. I was a practicing architect at the time and needless to say, that structure became immediately one of my favourite modern buildings. Ever since, I have wanted so much to experience walking through that space. Aside from that, Australian landscape has always attracted me. Postcards and images of Ayers Rock, Kakadu National Park and rolling green Australian coastlines always catch my eyes everywhere I see them.

As an artist, Australian Indigenous art, in its most natural and organic forms has fascinated me for long as the expression of spiritual connections of the Aboriginal culture with everyday life. In fact my own creative process reflects much of the way the Aborigines place importance in bringing art to their life, connecting past with present, people with the land, and fantasy with reality.

Above all, my personal experiences have led me to believe that Australians are by far the best thing about Australia. The diverse and broad cultural background, and the way it reflects in Australian food, lifestyle and cultural practices, especially in the use of English language with a unique sense of humour, makes me long for hanging out with as many Australians as I can during my upcoming visit in May. “ 


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